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Our Story

    In 2020 as we all know was the year of the Covid 19 pandemic. As it hit the globe we were forced to stay indoor in lockdown and find new ways to make the days go by. Watching TV, entertaining the kids and cooking was part of everyday life. Thinking about how our future will be and how this pandemic will affect us was on a daily basis, but I was not going to letting this affecting my optimism in this world. We were fortunate that Australia was not hit as hard. In our walks along the beach I came with the idea of starting an online shop for people to buy without interacting with others to be able to feel safe. Knowing that I needed to buy a watch, sparkle the thought of “why not designing it myself to represent my vision”. And that’s how Edmon West started the journey into a watch and jewellery retail online shop.
Founder, Andreea West

Our Products

   All Edmon West watches and jewelries are designed in Adelaide, Australia to bring the elegant style and fashion in front of people around the world. With the passion for a sophisticated appearance and the vision for a casual but also a business look our watches became soon popular by being also fair priced.

Our Mission

   Edmon West wants to showcase timeless elegant watches and bracelets to people around the world at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy their lifestyle.

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